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Curls and Freckles


It has been down right difficult to capture a smile from these two dudes. They were playing in the back yard the other night and I noticed the lighting was just dreamy, so I grabbed my camera. I have decided instead of trying to capture those smiles looking at the camera straight on, I will […]

Nature Hike with Old Friends.


My boys have been friends with these guys for a long time now. It was so much fun to let them all burn out some energy on a nature trail while I snapped away. I have used my iphone so much lately it was a nice break to capture these memories and then edit them […]



  OK. I admit it. My favorite cold cereal is that box of little round pink, green and orange O’s that float like little inner tubes in my bowl of milk. The trouble is, I can eat bowl after bowl of those things before I get full. And try as I may, I can’t justify […]

Summer 2014 Print Order


We are placing another BIG print order of our Summer Wanderlust Issue. If you would like to order yours in this batch, go to www.momazine.com/magazine/order-magazines

Behind the Scenes – Mermaid Lagoon


We had so much fun with this photoshoot we thought we’d share a few of the actual “behind the scenes” pictures. We were so lucky to work with an outstanding makeup artist and a model who was beautiful inside and out. After getting Megan’s hair and makeup finished we headed out to Silver Glenn Springs […]

The Best Map

MAP BohemianFlorida_01bla

We just ADORE this map by Nicole LaRue of Small Goods. Working with Nicole was so easy! She was very professional and ran with our vision within our timeframe delivering before we even needed it. Since our Summer Issue is all about travel and exploration through our state we asked Nicole to include some of […]

Like Paradise Except on Weekends


Photography: MadMile Photography Tail: Mertailor Do you hear Banjos? I do. Just kidding! I’m trying to inject humor into each Behind the Scenes post because there is the magazine side and then there is what really happens. Silver Glen is the location for this GLORIOUS shoot. Water in the spring is crystal clear where in […]

A Swamp Trail

View More: http://amberdornphotography.pass.us/momazine--julia

Photography by Amber Dorn Oh my goodness! It seems that each time I post a “Behind the Scenes” blog article it revolves around three things: heat, humidity, and being uncomfortable. Now, don’t get me wrong. Bolen’s Bluff is a fantastic place to catch a sunset or glimpse a wild horse or buffalo but for a photo […]

A Bike Parade in Heat and Steam


Photography by Heartstrings Photography Would you ever know that this sweet little bike parade down the historic streets of Micanopy was actually chaos and a little crazy? We make it look so easy! Well, anytime you have hot weather, steam coming off the road after a major pouring down of rain, and our very own […]

A Backyard Adventure


This shoot centered around this amazing family that Lauryn and I happen to know. Their mom is pretty much the coolest lady ever with the best taste of anyone we have ever met. You should see the inside of her home! We were stationed in the back yard and let me tell you how very […]