Behind the Scenes with the Gypsy King and Jesse Clements


This shoot happened on a weekday afternoon in which the weather looked quite somber matching the look of a Winter Day but Winter in temperature it was not. It was actually kind of humid and drizzling but our photographer, Jesse Clements, was quite a champ and showed up early to our shoot to scope out just the right spot for the spread.

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We were all lead on foot, including my two boys in tote, out to a clearing through the farm, past the stables, that was really just perfect. We waited with our beautiful model Millie dressed from head to toe in Winter wear as we waited for the King. He was led out to us with another young beautiful lady sitting on his saddle. On his way towards us in the clearing it was quite clear why he is THE STALLION. Other horses on the farm lined the fences in their pasture to watch him go by. Gentle in nature, Gypsy Vanners are known for their near Clydesdale size and athletic builds. The Gypsy King is a gentle Stallion that loves to get away with whatever he can. Enter our young inexperienced rider, Millie and The Gypsy King definitely was trying to be in charge. Thankfully his owner and trainer were on hand to steer him back to the shoot as was our photographer quite comfortable around the breed.


Things wrapped up nicely after only  a few attempts by The King to trot off with Millie atop the saddle and one move away from a pasture of other Stallions that were quite unhappy with him receiving all the attention. :)



  1. leonel says

    That was a great article and photos of the Gypsy King, I have the chance to meet him a few times and he a very sweet Stallion.

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