Behind the Scenes – Mermaid Lagoon

We had so much fun with this photoshoot we thought we’d share a few of the actual “behind the scenes” pictures.

We were so lucky to work with an outstanding makeup artist and a model who was beautiful inside and out.


After getting Megan’s hair and makeup finished we headed out to Silver Glenn Springs and began the process of getting our mermaid into her tail. Yes, folks this is a PROCESS, but it was a lot of fun and we even picked up some admirers along the way.



What a day- and what a sweet group of ladies to make this shoot happen.


Special Thanks To

Tiffany Alfarone Makeup Artist

Eric Ducharme the Mertailor

Danielle Griffin MadMile Photography

Megan model

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If you LOVE this shoot there is more to see! We saved it for you in our Wanderlust Summer Issue of Momazine. So easy to read on your mobile devices or tablets in Google Play or iTunes.


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    Beautiful pictures! Momazine is such a beautiful magazine! Is it also a good resource for mothers who live outside of Florida. If so, how do I subscribe? – Kit Evans-Ford (Future Mommy! :-)

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