Cheers to the New Year!


As we mentioned in this spread in our Winter Issue, our social lives generally revolve around our kids, especially on New Year’s Eve. So why not make it fun for us all?  This New Year’s spread  was so easy to create with Sparkling Grape Juice and Pop Rocks to line the tops of their glasses they are sure to say Cheers with a smile! Why not start a new tradition and have them make a wish for the New Year by adding just a bit of gold tinsel and let them blow it outside?




We also asked Momazine readers what things they like to do with their kids for this holiday and thought it would be fun to include others ways  to ring in the New Year with your kids.


“We bake cookies with the kids and have warm apple juice with a touch of sparkling apple juice [and] cinnamon sticks in it. [Then] topped with whipped cream and nutmeg before putting the kids to bed by around 9 pm. They are all still young. Once they get older we will let them stay up and watch fireworks with the warm juice and cookies at midnight.”  –Eileen Apple

“We ask the kids the same questions every New Year’s day and write them down or record them. Then, we can see how things change each year.”  Meribeth Fields



Momazine Fun Behind the Scene Fact: We hung doughnuts and sprayed them with an edible gold glitter for even more fun!



Momazine Fun Behind the Scene Fact: Tess and Ella are such sweet friends that we knew they would be just perfect for this shoot.



Momazine Fun Behind the Scene Fact: We covered this round vase in glass glue and dusted champagne colored glitter all over. Soup cans can be sprayed with metallic spray paint to make even more sparkly eye candy.


Give Credit where Credit is Due!

As always, I would like to thank my dear friend, Kristie Griggs from Pure Joy Photography. Her photography is a dream and she is the sweetest lady to work with! So blessed to have her in my life :)

Thank you again Olivia and Company for the gorgeous clothing our models are wearing!

Thank you Party Time Rentals for that beautiful table cloth as our backdrop! Would make a gorgeous addition to any bridal shower.

Thank you Melissa Galloway of MG Events for all of your help coordinating and styling this shoot!



  1. Jaime Compton says

    Tamara, I love to light sparklers and then bang pots and pans in the front yard. I have done that every year since I was a child and they have a blast banging away!

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