DIY Heart Felt Shirt Part 2

Remember these shirts I made last year in red hearts on white shirts? Well, my oldest outgrew his so it received a makeover this year with a baby blue shirt from Target and a red and white polka dot red felt heart. I have a slight obsession with red and white polka dot things because, well, they remind me of cute little toad stools!!!

Then, we decided that this little impromptu shoot would be way more fun with friends so we met them at the park. Their mom is pretty neat and she had some super neat Valentine stuff on hand and so she brought her fun goodies in a big basket and we went to town decorating this very mini shoot. We really had fun even though the wind blew our garland all around and our children wanted  candy non-stop! In the end, Red soda saved us moms as they stood, in time, transfixed from red sugary sweetness, like nectar to the Gods!!!! The three little ones would not move when they tasted this red goodness.

So, find a red brick building near you, gather some holiday decor from your kitchen table, and create a memory to last a life time!!


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All you need to make your DIY Heart Felt Shirt:

• A shirt :)

• New Sew glue OR iron on transfer (which I prefer)

• A needle and thread of the color you choose.


I used a red heart shaped cookie cutter this year and last to trace my hearts.

I cut the felt out and this year I used no-sew glue.

Let it dry and then take a needle and thread to sew around your heart. I didn’t do that step yet but did last year and it make a very nice detail!



  1. Tamara Dillon says

    Love the idea of making a valentines t-shirt. Something unique and not massed produced! Thanks for the idea!

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