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Set back in the beautiful countryside among the sprawling estate of the Rudnianyn family sits Shirley’s Lodge, the location for the perfect “lumber jack meets oh so posh” baby shower. Close friends came together in honor of a very pregnant momma and her soon to be welcomed son,  Mr. Spencer Easton O’Neal. In keeping with a woodland type theme, one of the six shower hostesses, Pam Rudnianyn did not miss a detail! Cupcakes brought by Diana Scroggie looked so inviting wrapped in red paper sitting atop a stand made from trees. Yellow sunflowers  mixed with daisies beckoned smiles sitting in mason jars on the main serving table. Upon entering the Lodge, small mason jar favors made by Jessica Labaugh, contained chocolate acorn treats and greeted each guest with Spencer Easton’s name printed atop custom labels.




Then, there was dessert and boy was there ever! Guests were treated to a waffle bar with made to order animal shaped waffles by Amanda Reed in original or rosemary and ham with cheese batters.  Toppings included homemade caramel, homemade whip cream, Nutella, sliced bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips, and warm maple syrup.  Other menu items included a spinach keish, a roasted vegetable and goat cheese salad in which Amanda pan roasted carrots, asparagus, miniature zucchini and assorted sweet peppers with olive oil and sea salt then tossed with fresh garlic and rice vinegar. Then, placed it on a bed of greens and sprinkled with goat cheese on top. Delicious red velvet cupcakes , as well as a homemade fruit and yogurt parfait, and lastly chocolate dipped marshmallow pops dipped in fine almond crumbs were delightful treats for guests to try.

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Three little letters stole the show, SOE, were  found on a beautiful burlap banner in navy letters made by Becky Gorman of RHG Designs to match baby Spencer’s new nursery colors of navy and lime green. Personalized wipes and a utensil holder for on-the-go moments made a very nice personalized gesture as did burp cloths with Spencer written in navy across the top. Each hostess brought something unique to Spencer’s shower whether in helping with décor, personalized gifts, favors, or dessert, each played a part in this beautiful event.


My favorite decorating detail and creative use of a shower gift spot was the brown tepee made by Pam from sticks and pine cones found around  the estate. Hanging above the entrance is a small quadrafoil shaped chalk board personalized with Spencer Easton. Small woodland toadstools added the perfect detail to this woodland tepee that doubles as a cozy reading spot for the Rudnianyn children.

Everyone is excitedly awaiting the arrival of Baby Spencer as was evident in the effort put into his baby shower by Jenny’s close friends and loved ones. Among his list of fans are his two big sisters so excited to have a brother join the O’Neal family. Maybe his mom will give us a sneak peek of his new nursery that sounds wonderfully decorated!


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