Channel Your Inner Lucille Ball! By Julie Vaden

Once you are married past ten years, Valentine’s day just isn’t always at the top of the list of things to celebrate. The main focus is usually on the little guys by having candy treats ready and pretty shirts to wear to school. Along the way, you learn to celebrate each day, each moment and not just because society says there is a day for love. Valentine’s day in the Vaden household is typically spent carpooling, at sports practice, finishing homework, maybe a special dinner, and then bed. This year was very different! There isn’t much to get me out of my house 1. on a school night and 2. on Valentine’s day.  I have to say the stars must have been aligned in my favor because my hubby was home (he travels a lot!) and the winery was offering this nice, neat, organized event. Amazingly there was no two hour wait to eat, you pre-paid (we all know the day of it’s very easy to cancel when you haven’t paid) and your spot was reserved. Yes ladies and gentlemen the only thing to get me out of the house after so many years in holy matrimony  was the Strawberry Stomp at the Corkscrew Winery.


I have to say this was one of the most entertaining, easy going, special ways to spend this holiday. We put on boots and channeled our  inner Lucille Ball and stomped the strawberries and bananas in large wooden vats. Then, we moved from there to bottle our own strawberry wine to take home. We also got to cork and label it too!   The food included  simple finger foods but delicious none the less!  The ambience was dim lighting and the air was light and happy despite the rainy weather outside! We sampled strawberry wine and received two complimentary glasses of  our favorite choice of wine from a select few available on tap. I chose the blueberry pomegranate merlot which was just refreshing and amazing. My favorite was the green apple Riesling! Also available was the Pinot Grigio and beer. While there we got to celebrate a birthday for one of the men attending the event. No one there at the event I knew,  but so fun! I witnessed couples holding hands as they stomped the strawberries together while the live music played in the background! A wonderful duo of guitar playing and singing and they even brought out the Ukulele.  The strawberry and banana infused wine will be ready one year from the date, just in time for Valentine’s day! This could become my new favorite Valentine tradition,  after all!
For more information on events or parties or making wine, visit The Corkscrew Winery
 or like them on Facebook. Pictures and article by Momazine contributor, Julie Vaden.


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