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Juicing workshop photography provided by the talented Kim Adams from Kim Adams Photography

Lights were on at Kinetic Motion Fitness and shining bright! The parking lot was full of people coming to the interactive, fun and informative, “Get Your Juice On”  juicing workshop. This was the first of its kind for myself,  hostess Julie Vaden of Juicing Couture and Claudia Pache a Health Coach from  Thirty people were in attendance to learn all about juicing. The night started off with a brief talk by Claudia regarding Alkaline and its relationship with the body and how juicing can help. Next up was me and my demonstrations with tips.  Ironically, the scene resembled a department at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, but even more beneficial because people were able see the juicers in action! Three types of juicers were demonstrated: Centrifugal, Auger, and Whole food (Vitamix). The audience was shown how to properly clean fruits with tools designed to prepare fruits and veggies for juicing. Guests took home recipes and tips along with information as to where to buy organic produce local. Everyone left with either a prize from our drawings or a fruit/vegetable donated by Sugartree Farms.  The best part was trying the juices! Guests were invited to sample a beet juice recipe, plain carrot juice, and a garden veggie juice. The best part of the night was the smiles on their faces upon leaving.  The night was not a preachy, “this is how and why you should juice”. This was a night to show people that juicing does not have to be overwhelming and difficult.  There are simple and easy ways to incorporate juicing into your daily life!

Sponsors include:  Doreen from HomeGrown Organics  |  Cara at Vitalize Nutrition  |  Clarissa LaFirst of Pampered Chef [phone: 352-572-3019]

Alkaline with Claudia

Juicing is a fantastic tool to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle.  During the “Get Your Juice On”  workshop presentation, Claudia Pache discussed the importance of setting goals when using juicing in order to ensure the best results. She started by discussing how juicing can be used for detoxification, the elimination of toxins in the body. She recommended Supercleanse, a book by Adina Niewmerow that outlines the procedures for 1, 3, or 5 day cleanses providing juicing recipes as well as some food recipes to use.  If weight loss is your goal, Claudia recommended staying away from juices with milks, yogurt and high sugar fruit.  Instead, use mostly greens or if you really feel the need to add these calorie rich ingredients then use the juice (or smoothie) as a meal replacement. Otherwise, you will be drinking your calories which can jeopardize your weight loss goals. Finally, she discussed the main reason why people are drawn to the juicing craze which is for nutritional supplementation. She especially discussed how juicing can aid your body in maintaining an alkaline pH level for optimal health. We can create our own acid through stress or ingest it. She provided a chart of acid producing foods to keep to a minimum in addition to a list of the alkalizing foods which would be the ideal choice ingredients for juicing.  She discussed the importance of testing one’s own body pH level on a regular basis in order to ensure that the level is alkaline and how to do it. She even tested people at the workshop. They seemed to be very interested in the results. She ended by stating that food can be used as medicine. She also recommended The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for optimal health by Cherie Calbom, which is a great reference book where you can look up your ailment and find the appropriate juicing recipes to treat it. By putting  goals in sight and a few useful tips, your juicer can become your most used appliance that offers results instead of being delegated to the back of the counter. The difficult part came next, which juicer meets not only your goals but also your personality…



My Heart “beets” For you (this is one of the recipes we made adapted from

1/2 of a beet (washed and peeled)

1 carrot

1 apple

1/2 lemon (use whole lemon if you prefer)

1 inch piece of ginger (use more or less according to taste)


Beetroot – carrot, pumpkin (winter squash), watermelon, tomato, plum, orange

Carrot – sweet potato, pumpkin (winter squash), orange, mandarin

Apple –Celery, zucchini, cucumber

Lemon – Yellow grapefruit, pineapple, lime, orange

Ginger – chili, turmeric

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