Interview with Heather Gardner

More from our Malibu Moms photoshoot by Cynthia Hauser of Five Arrows Photography in our Spring 2015 Issue.


Meet our second of four models, Heather Garner of Heather Gardner | Made in Malibu.
Last piece of advice you gave.
I’ve told a friend recently who was struggling a slow start to her business to constantly remind herself that “This is MY journey.” So often we compare our lives and our successes to others around us or thosewe see in social media. We all need to focus on our own personal journeys and not long for the experiences of others.

Favorite go to saying or quote when you need inspiration:

“Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at her future.”
What things inspire you?

I love to just get in my car, put on my favorite Pandora station, and drive… The beauty of California’s diverse landscape of endless coastlines, hidden canyons, and mountainous regions soak deep into my soul. I seek to capture the essence of this beauty in my jewelry designs. The color palate of the minerals, gemstones, and crystal I select reflect the colors I have discovered in the places that most inspire me.

Name, how many children, their first name and ages, and the town in which you currently live, or state. 

Our son, Dakota, who will turn 6 the end of April and daughter, Autumn Pearl, who will have her 1st birthday mid-April. We all live together with my husband, Michael, in Malibu, California.

Favorite thing to do together as a family.

Every weekend when the sun is out, you will find us on the beach enjoying the sand and surf. Besides the beach, we go on an annual summer trip each August to Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite where we enjoy exploring the lakes, rivers, and mountains.

How do you balance motherhood with your creative endeavors?

It’s not always an easy balance! However, I have found that there is a time and place for everything. The early years with my babies are too precious a time to miss out on, so my time given to creativity and designing decreases. Soon my kids will be in school full time with extra curricular activities and I can dive into work then. I want to  be present with my children as they grow, so I work less during this time so I can be with them more.

Tell us about your creative venture. Include how it began.

Designing jewelry was always a passion for me; one of my favorite  hobbies. I would spend hours in bead stores in Pismo Beach or Venice designing away. One day I wore one of my designs to a dinner party, and Jennifer Smith-Hale, owner of C and Santa Barbara Magazines, loved it and encouraged me to put some time and money into my hobby. At that time, I was working as a high school history teacher, so I purchased some gemstones and during summer vacation, spent hours at the beach and at home in the afternoons designing jewelry. From that moment on, I became a jewelry designer, and gave up teaching to work at home and raise our two children.


website for your business, as well as FB page and @name on Instagram FB: as well as FB page and @name on Instagram FB: Heather Gardner Malibu IG: Heathergmalibu

Our website is

Our instagram is– @Heathergmalibu

Our Facebook is– Heathergardnermalibu
last splurge on yourself.

I had a few hours to kill without my kids, so I went to my favorite farm-to-table restaurant on the Malibu Pier, called Malibu Farm Cafe. It was lightly raining and I sat at an outdoor table under the umbrellas and had a vanilla latte while reading Darling Magazine, writing in my journal and watching some amazing surf.
Last book you completed.

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

Interview with Chelsea Bulte


We just loved this beautiful photoshoot by Cynthia Hauser of Five Arrows Photography in our Spring 2015 Issue.


Meet our first of four models, Chelsea Bulte of Emerald Duv Jewelry.

Last piece of advice you gave.

To a girlfriend: Stay true to yourself.  Don’t let what other people say or think reflect on your life.  As long as you know you are being a true , loving , and honest person,  it all comes back around. Life is too short, so enjoy it,  and don’t sweat the small stuff!!!

Favorite go to saying or quote when you need inspiration.

If it doesn’t challenge you, then it won’t change you.

What things inspire you?

Colors, positive people,traveling, music, and dancing.

Name, how many children, their first name and ages, and the town in which you currently live, or state.

My one and only little baby boy named Cade. He is now 9 months old, and we are currently living in Malibu, CA.

Favorite thing to do together as a family.

Enjoy the beach, travel and snuggle.

How do you balance motherhood with your creative endeavors?

Well, with Cade being a baby it has been easy, but he’s definitely starting to crawl any day now, so it will be more challenging. The one thing is , he comes first and foremost. We have a team to help get things done.

Tell us about your creative venture. Include how it began.

It began years ago with one of my girfriend.  We just did it for a way to make extra cash and enjoy the beach while we did it.

Our website is

Our instagram is@Emeraldduvjewelry

Our Facebook isEmerald Duv

Last splurge on yourself.

Ha what’s that?? I’d have to say I’m a saver for the most part… I have lots of dreams that still need to happen, but if I would have to pick, I would say my Yoga classes, it keeps me sane.

Last book you completed.

Well, before reading every baby book out there for the past couple years, I would have to say I think it was the infamous Fifty Shades…

One last thing I would like to share with people :

Make sure to put positive out there in the universe, it will only come back ….

And the Award goes to…


#HeavenThruMyLens is a hashtag that Lauryn and I dreamt up a few Magazine Issues back. We asked a select group of photographers to share images that move them. Images that speak to our souls. That spread was a great success in our Winter Issue and so we decided to begin the hashtag series through our Instagram account.


As this hashtag has gained momentum, one such photographer has really embodied so many elements that Lauryn and I truly feel that this hashtag represents. Movement, spirit, soul, passion, love, life, childhood, and motherhood are just some of the many words that come to mind when we are searching for the perfect Heaven images.


Jenny Gildea of Jenny Gildea Photography was one of the very first ladies in that select group to launch this #HeavenThruMyLens hashtag series. Since Winter Jenny has repeatedly tagged images that perfectly represent this hashtag. She has shown us a slice of heaven each and every time through her lens. We asked Jenny to tell us what she has in mind when she takes to this hashtag and this is what she had to share:


“There are moments in time that combine themselves perfectly with light, love, realness, and beautiful surrounding elements that leap out and touch my soul. When the shutter snaps on those they are saved for me to cherish for years to come. Even when I’m old and grey I’ll be able to look back at them and have my heart leap just like it did the first time.”


We award Jenny our #HeavenThruMyLens Ambassador badge with one of her own images and our very FAVORITE image she has shared with us to this tag. Jenny will be our very first Ambassador in this Hashtag Series!


We look forward to selecting Ambassadors on a more regular basis. Please hashtag your images to #HeavenThruMyLens for consideration. We can be found @momazine on Instagram.


Follow Jenny’s gorgeous journey on Instagram  @jennygildeaphotography

and her work can be found at Jenny Gildea Photography

We are now actively searching for our next Ambassador in the #Momazine hashtag. We are looking for photos that capture motherhood beautifully. In all its truth and glory. We will announce this Ambassador soon so hashtag your beautiful life moment photos to #Momazine

Momazine Magazine Spring Issue 2015



The Spring Issue of Momazine Magazine is called Breaking Ground. At the center of this entire issue is Spiritual Growth. Before planning it, Lauryn and I read Proverbs 31. We were astounded by that woman so we set out to create an entire magazine issue that embodied her.

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Cover Shot by Cynthia Hauser of Five Arrows Photography