Friday Favorites for Hashtags #Momazine and #HeavenThruMyLens

This is Friday Favorites for the #Momazine hashtag



Friday Favorites for #Momazine

Top Left: @instafraner

Top Right: @jen_wel

Middle Left: @janelledarnell

Middle Right: @chowexander

Bottom Left: @snowflakephotos

Bottom Right: @mindytingson



Friday Favorites for #HeavenThruMyLens

Top Left: @jennygildeaphotography #HeavenThruMyLens Ambassador 

Top Right: @fivepaperhearts

Middle Left: @lizzyrose_photography

Middle Right: @anniemorris_

Bottom Left: @thecuelife

Bottom Right: @ginaschlosser

#Momazine and #HeavenThruMyLens Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites for our #Momazine hashtag



Friday Favorites for #Momazine Hashtag

Top Left: @samscrazylife

Top Right: @meg_nlo

Middle Left: @cupcakesinstead

Middle Right: @missmelis1112

Bottom Left: @brennafosterphotography

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” | Mary Oliver


#HeavenThruMyLens Friday Favorites


Top Left: @jennygildeaphotography (Jenny is our #HeavenThruMyLens Ambassador)

Top Right: @callred25

Middle Left: @whimsyheartphotography

Middle Right: @jo.rose.z

Bottom Left: @jamiescottphoto

Bottom Right: @jennygildeaphotography 

Interview with Jen Rossi

More from our Malibu Moms photoshoot by Cynthia Houser of Five Arrows Photography in our Spring 2015 Issue.



Meet our cover model, Jen Rossi of Planet Blue and Jen’s Pirate Booty

Last piece of advice you gave.
A very beautiful, vivacious, and courageous friend of mine is battling cancer. Here are some of my words, spoken to his mama, who is also one of my dearest friends…,”You are so strong Barbie. You and Lyon inspire so many of us. Lyon is so lucky to have such a strong, loving, supportive, RAD, warrior woman as his mama. He is the amazing man that he is, because of you. He adores you! Your bond is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is so special and so beautiful. That LOVE can conquer anything!!!” @lyon_herron @barbiedahl74 @headregal
Favorite go to saying or quote when you need inspiration.
If we have our health, we have all we need…and can do anything we set our hearts to.
What things inspire you?
Fashion of decades past. Especially the 60’s and 70’s. Traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and seeing the different textiles and local artisanal crafts. Listening to music. Practicing Yoga. October sunsets. The beach. The sun on my skin, sand at my feet and salt in my hair. And most of all…seeing the love, light and happiness in my little girls’ eyes.
How do you balance motherhood with your creative endeavors?
It’s a bit of a challenge. Funny you say the word balance. Finding my balance is something I am constantly striving towards. My work is very demanding. And although it’s very important in satisfying my creative outlet and supporting our family, our children always come first. Finding the time to be a present and available mama is my main priority. It’s so important for me and for them. Before we had kids, I worked nearly 7 days a week. I put all of my energy in to building my brand. Then I had my first daughter and my priorities shifted. Naturally. I had to figure out how to work less, with the same result and be able to give time to my beautiful baby girl. It takes a lot of delegating and giving up control. I kept a lot of the creative on my plate and happily handed the rest off to other people.
I have yet to find my perfect balance…but meshing the two worlds isn’t that bad. I work from home a few days a week and my daughters are totally interested in what I am doing. The emails and the business side are boring. However, they love when I am designing, shooting and doing creative things. They want to join in, design their own collections and jump in front of the camera to strike a pose. It’s pretty darn cute.

Tell us about your creative venture. Include how it began.

Jen’s Pirate Booty began very organically. It was a total natural progression. One of which I cannot be any more grateful for each and every day of my life. At age 21 I was the buyer for the southern California boutiques, Planet Blue. These well known, well-loved boutiques are the breeding grounds for many of the successful brands we all love and wear today.

I had an eye for choosing what was hip and happening and really helped create the lusted look of the bohemian beach girl. This look spread like wildfire and quickly became mimicked across the globe. Everyone who came in to the store, wanted to dress like us. They would buy our clothes off of our backs. It was an amazing time. So different than today.

E-commerce fashion websites didn’t really exist, and social media was minimal to none. You could buy something at Planet Blue and know that you had something unique and special, that you couldn’t find anywhere else. I could find an upcoming designer and keep it sacred and exclusive to us for a couple of seasons, before other stores caught on. In my 14 years there, I gained a very loyal local and global following, including many A-list celebrities. People trusted my vision and my taste and were totally open to the different trends that I was feeling. I had a lot of creative freedom, which showed by the eclectic mix we had in the stores. I took chances and tried many things. Some didn’t catch on and others became huge trends!!

Luckily for me…one trend that really stuck…was my brand…Jen’s Pirate Booty. One day about 9 years ago…I took a trip south of the border. I bought a free flowing, gauzy piece of beautifulness that I couldn’t take off. I wore it to work one day and there was an unbelievable response to this piece of clothing. Everyone wanted it and had to have it! I filled pages of waitlists for this tunic. It was a very typical, widely available, piece of clothing that anyone could have discovered for themselves. But I guess it was the way I wore it and accessorized it. I gave it a new life and everyone loved it!! So that weekend, I jammed down to Mexico again, bought about 200 of these tunics and sold them to Planet Blue. Thus was born, “Jen’s Pirate Booty”. Get it??

The tunics hit the stores and we sold out of them in a couple of days. So there I was, in the car again, headed for the border. I bought a ton more and came back and sold out again!! It was crazy!! At that point, I decided that I couldn’t keep driving to Mexico and depleting these little roadside huts of their few and final pieces. I had almost bought everyone out. So I needed to figure out how to get the fabric and design and produce my own pieces.

I have always had my goals set very high…but I never thought I would be a clothing designer. I thought I would maybe own a clothing store or be a journalist. But hey, I had a knack for this and was going to jump on the wave and see where it took me!! Therefore, I sourced out production in Mexico and created a handful of my own designs. I sold them to the store and they did great!! I was on to something!! One by one, store owners were getting wind of my brand. They wanted to carry JPB in their stores. I was blown away!!! So honored!! So I had to grow up and take things a little more seriously. I needed to make proper line sheets, produce a complete sample collection and conduct my business on a more serious level. And somehow my friends… I did it.

I taught myself everything along the way and just grew little by little, at a pace that was most comfortable for me and my situation. I was still working at Planet Blue 5 days a week and buying for all 5 stores. That was my main priority and my main focus. It consumed most of me…then in my spare time…I worked on JPB.

JPB continued to grow though and so did something very very exciting in my belly. I was pregnant with my first baby girl!! At that point, I needed to shift my priorities and really, truly, think about our future and securing a stable income. In addition to figuring out how I could be home and available to the new baby we were soon to meet. So as life takes turns, as hard as it was, I had to part ways with Planet Blue. A piece of me and my heart will be with them forever and I am forever grateful for all they were to me.

A huge chapter in my life had come to a close…but new doors were about to open!! I was now about to become a mama and be able to put more time in to JPB. So I really put the pedal to the metal and began growing my brand. I now design 5 collections a year, with over 75 pieces in every collection. We have expanded to doing a kids collection and dressing many many beautiful brides and their entire wedding parties. JPB is in over 500 stores worldwide, including Planet Blue, Free People, Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, Revolve, Nasty Gal, Scoop and so so many amazing others!!!!!! We produce our clothing in 6 different countries and provide jobs for over 100 people!!! We hope to grow that number!! Supplying jobs and supporting local artisans is a huge priority of mine.

I am beginning to incorporate many artisanal crafts in to my designs and plan to start donating proceeds to the different groups and their countries. I have a few things we are currently working on. Stay tuned for that!! In addition to this, we have added many categories to the brand, besides the Gauze. We have specialty sequins and beading done in India, we work with local Mexican Artisans to do the most beautiful embroideries, we work with recycled Guatemalan textiles, recreating them and giving them a new life. We do hand crochets and cutwork in Indonesia. We import high end, hand loomed laces from France and cut and sew them in LA. And most recently, we have hand drawn our very own specialty laces, that are exclusive to JPB.

The possibilities are endless. I am never short of ideas. My imagination and creativity runs wild at all times!! Which can be a blessing and a curse. But I will joyously continue to bring newness and beauty to my customers….as long as you are there to love and support my vision. Without you…I would not be where I am. I hope to continue this journey and be an inspiration for my growing babies, girls, woman and all of you beautiful mama’s out there!!!

Website –
Instagram – @jenspiratebooty
Facebook – Jen’s Pirate Booty

Favorite thing to do together as a family.
We love to travel. We jump in the car or hop on a plane as often as we have the chance. There is no better gift we can give to our children. It’s so wonderful for their souls and their development. Malibu is incredible. Yet opening their eyes to the world around them, introducing them to other cultures, different foods and different languages, is such a special gift.
We also love the beach. Love the ocean. Love the outdoors. We love surrounding ourselves with family and friends. Hanging at houses, cooking big dinners, music playing, kids running around, parents socializing. Lots of love and energy around. Like one big happy tribe. A lifestyle that is very close to my heart. I grew up in a household that was always full of friends and family and I love recreating that same atmosphere for our kids.
Although, on the flipside, we also really enjoy our alone time together. Just hanging out at our house with our kids. We eat a ton and cook together. We play games, we do art and we dance around the house while Daddy plays piano and guitar. We play in our yard, ride bikes around our deck, take jacuzzi’s and just cherish the moments we share…
Life moves so fast these days. It’s important to take a step back, slow down and spend time with the people you love…

And the Award goes to…


#HeavenThruMyLens is a hashtag that Lauryn and I dreamt up a few Magazine Issues back. We asked a select group of photographers to share images that move them. Images that speak to our souls. That spread was a great success in our Winter Issue and so we decided to begin the hashtag series through our Instagram account.


As this hashtag has gained momentum, one such photographer has really embodied so many elements that Lauryn and I truly feel that this hashtag represents. Movement, spirit, soul, passion, love, life, childhood, and motherhood are just some of the many words that come to mind when we are searching for the perfect Heaven images.


Jenny Gildea of Jenny Gildea Photography was one of the very first ladies in that select group to launch this #HeavenThruMyLens hashtag series. Since Winter Jenny has repeatedly tagged images that perfectly represent this hashtag. She has shown us a slice of heaven each and every time through her lens. We asked Jenny to tell us what she has in mind when she takes to this hashtag and this is what she had to share:


“There are moments in time that combine themselves perfectly with light, love, realness, and beautiful surrounding elements that leap out and touch my soul. When the shutter snaps on those they are saved for me to cherish for years to come. Even when I’m old and grey I’ll be able to look back at them and have my heart leap just like it did the first time.”


We award Jenny our #HeavenThruMyLens Ambassador badge with one of her own images and our very FAVORITE image she has shared with us to this tag. Jenny will be our very first Ambassador in this Hashtag Series!


We look forward to selecting Ambassadors on a more regular basis. Please hashtag your images to #HeavenThruMyLens for consideration. We can be found @momazine on Instagram.


Follow Jenny’s gorgeous journey on Instagram  @jennygildeaphotography

and her work can be found at Jenny Gildea Photography

We are now actively searching for our next Ambassador in the #Momazine hashtag. We are looking for photos that capture motherhood beautifully. In all its truth and glory. We will announce this Ambassador soon so hashtag your beautiful life moment photos to #Momazine