A Swamp Trail

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Photography by Amber Dorn

Oh my goodness! It seems that each time I post a “Behind the Scenes” blog article it revolves around three things: heat, humidity, and being uncomfortable. Now, don’t get me wrong. Bolen’s Bluff is a fantastic place to catch a sunset or glimpse a wild horse or buffalo but for a photo shoot where we had to trek through a nature trail with a model in platform type sandals, a WHITE dress, and a wagon full of jewelry and makeup it makes for things to be a bit rough. I will have to say though this crew we trekked out with were fantastic. I’ve known the model and her parents for years and she has grown into such a GORGEOUS young lady.

As we headed through the one mile wooded hike to the prairie, we stopped along the way to take pictures. Our first stop was a swamp. Julia, our model, was not yet dressed so we wrapped her in a sheet. In the middle of the trail she dressed into her white dress you see in the pictures. Then, we took out what seemed like an infinite amount of small clips holding all her curls in place to let down that amazing hair of hers! It fell all around her and she was just stunning. Magical! Did I mention that mosquitoes started tearing into all of us because we had forgotten one very important thing! Mosquito spray. Our handy dandy photographer came prepared but we didn’t spray her homemade concoction  all over and that was a terrible choice we made.

Each of us continued on the trail stopping here and there again for more pictures. Julia’s dad, Doug, was our stylist for this shoot. He chose her hair accessories, her clothing, and her jewelry. Didn’t he do a fantastic job? It is all so very bohemian and just what Lauryn and I had in mind.

Time to Prep

The most important part of this shoot, other than the location and photographer, was choosing the right model. We wanted someone that would look almost exotic for our location. We had originally wanted an elephant but that is another story. Then, we were going to draw in an elephant here with this shoot but time got away from us. Julia matched the look we were going for. Our photographer scoped out this location on two separate visits during a time close to sunset to see what lighting was like. She was super prepared! I had recently visited Bolen’s Bluff in the Spring with my family and just knew that open prairie at sunset would be nothing short of magical. The night before our shoot took place, Amber was scouting things 0ut around sunset and spotted a wild horse! Julia’s dad, Doug, found all the amazing accessories and dress so that part was such a relief for me! I always trust his taste and knew they would make the perfect decision in wardrobe.

The Real Skinny

We didn’t have mosquito spray covering us. We timed things a little late and got stuck on the trail in the dark. Julia thought she kept seeing all sorts of things which in turn started freaking me out as we hauled you know what to get off the dark nature trail. I was really worried about that before the shoot and was super worried when we were in the middle of the trail at dark. Although, it was worth it all because coming off the trail we saw lightening bugs! I haven’t seen lightening bugs in years! The park ranger was actually waiting on us when we came off the trail. Poor Julia’s feet hurt quite a bit walking in her sandals through the trail.

Side Note: If you time things to come off the trail and into the parking lot right after sunset I bet you will see lightening bugs if you hang around just a bit close to the end of the trail.


  1. Hollie Berry says

    Love the pictures! Julia is my cousin and she is a true beauty. Her parents are amazing and I feel very blessed to have such a great family. Your model choice was perfect?

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